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  Roy Rowland     

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Thank you for visiting this website and for considering Roy Rowland for your underground utility locating needs.

This is Roy's wife, Lisa Rowland. It is with a broken heart that I inform you that my dear, precious husband was recently killed in an accident.

To first time visitors of this website:  Roy would have loved to have had the opportunity to serve you. Thank you for your consideration.

To Roy's loyal clients:  On behalf of Roy, I would like to thank each and every one of you for placing your trust in Roy to service your underground utility locating needs. Each client and job was important to Roy, and he always gave his very best. He had a natural talent and ability for underground utility locating, an entrepreneurial spirit, a charming personality, a strong work ethic, determination and drive which he used to build his business from the ground up. Roy had so many clients and on behalf of Roy, I would like to say that he and I truly felt blessed to not only have the much appreciated business over these years, but we were also grateful for the wonderful friendships that were made.  God not only blessed me with an extraordinary husband, but also provided the opportunity for us to work together. We were a team, always together. I was so proud to be his wife, to be by his side at the job sites and to be his assistant in the business.

The death of my husband and best friend has left me with an indescribable pain and emptiness. I am thankful that he was a Christian. He was saved so I have the reassurance of knowing that he is now in Heaven.

I would like to take this opportunity to ask each person reading this to please consider the most important question you will ever have to ask yourself: When I die, will my soul go to Heaven or Hell? Life here on earth is compared to a vapor in The Bible, and since we literally have no guarantee of our next breath, I ask that you consider praying a prayer to Jesus Christ asking Him to forgive you of all of your sins, to come into your life and then believe. It is that simple.  Please remember, anyone can become a Christian. It does not matter what you have done in the past. Christians aren't perfect, just forgiven. You can then develop your personal relationship with Christ by communicating with Him through prayer, by reading and studying the Holy Bible and attending a Bible based church. Your prayer of salvation ensures that your soul will have an eternal home in Heaven and that you will have the strength of a Heavenly Father to guide you and comfort you in everything you do while you are still on this earth. 

I would also encourage you to take this opportunity to tell someone you love just how much they mean to you and hold them perhaps a little longer than you normally would as you never know when that will be the last opportunity you will have to do so.

During his short time on earth, Roy had such a positive impact on so many lives. Roy will be dearly missed, not only by me, but by so many family members and friends. He will forever be in our hearts.

God's blessings to you and yours,

Lisa Rowland