Experienced in locating underground utilities at residences, businesses and more

  Roy Rowland     

  Professional Underground Utility Locator  


Owner of utility locator

Employed by Savannah Gas Company/Atlanta Gas Light Company from 1982 to 1999 where I obtained installation and repair experience. Promoted to locator in 1986. Atlanta Gas Light Company later outsourced their gas line utility locating to contractors.

I later was employed at companies who were contracted to locate underground electrical, telephone & gas utilities. I also worked as an independent contractor for a privately owned

 water/sewerage company locating those two underground utilities. In 2001, I became exclusively self employed as a private underground utility locator offering the following services:

Detection of public & private underground utilities for planning purposes

Detection of private underground utilities for excavation purposes

The above services are provided in the following areas:

Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Governmental

I have many years of experience locating underground utilities at residences, businesses, industrial plants, schools, universities, hospitals, apartment complexes, condos, resorts/timeshares, prisons, city parks, recreational areas and more.

My goal is to provide accurate results in a timely manner at a fair price for my clients.

I can travel to any jobsite location to service your underground utility locating needs. I can provide you with an hourly fee, or if you prefer, a bid for your project if I am provided adequate information regarding the details of your project.

Please contact me today to discuss your project of any size:

Phone:        (912) 695-1184 or (404) 756-5443 or


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Email:         [email protected]